And Our Next Speaker Is ... YOU!


Those words can strike abject fear into the heart of many, especially when it's their own name that is used to finish the sentence.

For some the need to deliver presentations, group discussions, training or workshops are a necessary evil required of them by a role or position, paid or voluntary.

For others, the same phrase gets the positive adrenaline pumping and the inner performance comes to the surface.

It doesn't matter which category you fall into - if you have to deliver presentations, this workshop is for you. 

Join me to discover some of the trade secrets that will help you to deliver your input to any audience with confidence.

Whether new to speaking or well experienced, uneasy about it or already comfortable, the content of this interactive day will teach, enhance or remind you of tips and tricks that make speaking to an audience, of any size, both easy and enjoyable.

During this full day workshop, we will look at


  • How to determine your content for maximum impact

  • The different options / methods of delivery for varying scenarios

  • How to prepare your presentation

  • Things you should consider before - during and after your delivery

  • The value of story telling

  • Do's and Dont's - with real examples to tell you why

  • How to be more confident in your performance

  • The value of feedback and how to use it

  • Just how good you already are at telling your story 

  • and more 

The day is fast moving and fun, with everyone doing their bit to help and support you in gaining the confidence, skills and abilities to comfortably speak to any audience.

If the thought of doing so just made you feel uneasy, then this day is exactly what you need to do something to address that.

Come join us and find out how.

This event is limited to 20 people and very popular, so please don't delay if interested in attending.

When and Where is this taking place?


Saturday 11 June 2022.  1000 - 1600hrs.  Chilworth Manor Hotel, Chilworth, Southampton

Times shown are minimum periods required. My events will always start punctually as listed. The end times may vary as I will always afford my attendees the time they need. I don't leave until YOU are satisfied.

How much does the workshop cost?

This FULL DAY workshop costs £110 per person.

This includes the workshop itself, a certificate as proof of attendance and a PDF copy of the course slides.

What Do You Need to Do Now?

If you would like to join us, you can purchase your ticket via Eventbrite by CLICKING HERE

Your place will secured and joining instructions sent to you when your payment is received.