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I am regularly asked the same questions by clients or people seeking information before booking a presentation. I hope by answering some of the most frequently asked, I am able to assist you in making your decision to benefit from my services.

If your questions remain unanswered by this page, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to assist you.

I’ve seen hypnotists on the television. Is your hypnotherapy like that?

No! I enjoy watching stage “hypnotists” as much as anyone but trust me, without trying to spoil it for anyone, it isn’t what it seems. There is more “hype” than “hyp” involved and the performers within that branch of entertainment depend entirely on making the “victims” look and act silly.

Hypnotherapy is the complete opposite. I use the natural state of “trance” to create relaxing, comfortable and empowering thoughts and feelings within you mind and body.  You will never be made to do anything against your own will and no-one will make you do, say or even think anything that would make you feel or appear foolish.

Hypnosis and Trance are NEVER used during my presentations.


How much do your presentations cost?


The costs vary, depending on what you require and where you are located, but a guide price is £15 per person, with a minimum cost of £750.

Please contact me so that we can negotiate the best deal for you.


I charge £60 for each social presentation.

If you are located over 25 miles from my home (BS30 6RH), a mileage charge may be applicable for travel costs. If an overnight stay is required, it will be added to my charge.

How long does your presentation take to deliver?

Cavemen and Polar Bears takes 90 minutes to deliver (with a short comfort break if required) but can be adjusted to suit you specific needs. The shortest time, in order for the presentation to be of use, is 20 minutes.

How can I get hold of your book?

Thanks for asking! It’s available on via the link here

Cavemen and Polar Bears cost £9.99 + £2.80 p&p

If you would like to save the postage? I always have copies available at my presentations.

The book is also available in Audio Book format and could be yours FREE by using this link

Do you need anything when you visit us?

That depends on how far I’ve travelled and how long I’m with you, but a glass of water is always welcome.

I will need power for the audio visual equipment. If you have equipment to be able to support a PowerPoint presentation – screen, projector etc, that’s helpful, but if not I can supply everything I need.

How do I book a presentation?

Just call or email me. My guarantee to you is that you will NEVER experience any “hard sell”. All enquiries are made with no obligation on your part, so you can contact me with complete confidence.


Simply send me an email with 'Andy's Newsletter' in the title field and where you heard of the newsletter in the text. No need for lots of explanation, just writing website or the name and location of the presentation you attended will suffice. You will be added to the circulation list and you can unsubscribe at any time. As a 'Thank You' for subscribing, you will receive a FREE 25 minute meditation track via email.


I look forward to hearing from you!


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