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"Cavemen & Polar Bears"

Written and illustrated by me in support of the LIVE presentation of the same name, ‘Cavemen and Polar Bears’ can be read by anyone, regardless of whether they have attended the event or not.

It is available in Paperback, Kindle and Audible versions

"I purchased this book for my son and after reading it he is a changed man.

It is terrific!"

Rob F

Utilising facts, case studies, life experiences and plenty of humour, I explain:

  • The difference between your rational and emotional minds,

  • How your personal ‘Security Guard’, ‘Filing Cabinet’ and ‘Chemist’ interact to respond to whatever cards life deals you

  • The underlying causes of stress, anxiety and depression and

  • What you can do to address those conditions and improve your mental resilience in the process.


I use everyday language throughout the book, making the information accessible to everyone, including those suffering from stress and anxiety who may find their concentration levels a little low.

The book includes a ‘toolbox’ of suggested exercises for readers to use in their own development of their mindset.


The Book is available in both Paperback and Kindle versions, but not all of us enjoy reading or find time to do so.

If that sounds like you, let ME read it for you!

Cavemen and Polar Bears is available in Audio Bookformat from Audible, Amazon and iTunes

Not a member of Audible? ​

Not a problem! You can join AND get your FREE copy of my book by clicking here.

ISBN 9780995540705
288 pages
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