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"Student Welfare"

We are all of us all too aware of the recent press articles and media reports that highlight the rise in stress, anxiety and depression experienced by students today.


From primary, through secondary and into further education, the pressures felt by student of any age, appear to be increasing. Whether those pressure are applied by Teachers, Parents, Sibling or Peer Group Competition or self inflicted is not being debated here, but whatever the source, a number of facts remain:


1. The problem needs to be addressed and


2. The responsibility for dealing with mental health and the overall well-being of students is often placed squarely on the shoulder of the schools, academies, colleges and universities that they attend.


Student Welfare Officers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of students seeking their help issues relating to stress, anxiety or depression.


Unfortunately, if things do take a tragic turn, the responsibility becomes blame and the question on everyone's lips is "What did they do to prevent it?"

So How Can I Help?


Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. 


That's where I come in - literally!


I come into schools, academies, colleges and universities to assist the staff and, more importantly, the students in dealing with the treatment or prevention of mental health problems.


By delivering a specifically adapted version of 'Cavemen and Polar Bears', I help students to understand


  • Potential causes of stress, anxiety and depression,


  • How our mind works and just how much control we have over it,


  • Everyday measures that they can easily use to keep those conditions at bay,


  • How gaining better control of your mood and mindset will dramatically improve your ability to learn, retain and recall the information we need to use in our studies and subsequent success,


  • Why it is so vital that your "self talk" is positive and constructive.


Need more information? Download the full information pack


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