These are just some of the companies and organisations I have had the pleasure of serving and supporting
Do you want to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your team?
Is public perception important to your organisation?
Would you like to reduce the sickness and absenteeism in your team?
are you looking to demonstrate a genuine interest in the welfare of your people?

A business which is able to go from strength to strength in demanding economic conditions is liable to arouse considerable interest.

So what is the secret? Is it the product? The service? The people?

We all know that the real key to outstanding achievement in a fiercely competitive environment lies in how well we can get our team to perform. Because ultimately the success or failure of any organization relies, not only on management, but on the people who carry out the everyday tasks. Day in, day out.

So how can you ensure that each and every member of your team is doing absolutely everything to contribute to your company’s success? How do you gain that vital edge over your competitors?

Simple. You find a unique formula to create a happy team. Because employees who feel happy, valued and fulfilled produce better results. They are more highly motivated, they enjoy coming to work, they suffer less sickness and absenteeism and are significantly more productive in performing their duties.

So, how can I help?

Consider this. From senior management right through to the ‘Shop Floor”, every individual in your organization relies on the same piece of equipment to discharge their duties. Their Brain!

Every one of us has this remarkable, seemingly limitless computer at our disposal. It is an incredible tool, but there is one snag. None of us gets a ‘user's manual’ to ensure that we make the best use of its astonishing potential. So we tend to operate it in a manner which is at best barely adequate and at worst downright dangerous.

Fortunately, with the right kind of help, we can change all that.

Using the visually enhanced presentation “Cavemen and Polar Bears” I will:

  • Show you how the mind works

  • Demonstrate the power you can exercise over your own mood

  • Explain depression, stress and anxiety and how to combat them

  • Outline the dangers posed by workplace negativity and provide strategies to combat it

  • Suggest practical ways to improve dramatically your own mindset


'CAVEMEN AND POLAR BEARS' - The Presentation

“Cavemen and Polar Bears” delivers a potentially life changing message in an entertaining, practical and  informative way. Whilst respectful to mental health issues, it recognizes that a tendency to take life too seriously often lies at the heart of many problems.

The two part live presentation takes approximately 90 minutes to deliver and is supported by PowerPoint  slides. It can be used as a stand alone or as the ideal  introduction to a workshop.

Question and answer sessions are very much welcomed and I am always available for individual discussion should the need arise.

The Impact?

“Cavemen and Polar Bears” has a proven track record for improving the working atmosphere in companies and organisations who have used it.

"Andy wrote and delivered his presentation across the department (18 occasions). The outcome was noticeable to me. Staff started to talk about how they challenged or addressed negative behaviours, and there was a clear shift in many who took personal responsibility for how they chose to behave and conduct themselves. Andy’s work made a positive contribution to what we wanted to do to positively influence behaviours."

Dave Hayler

Director at Sagaciti Consulting

Judge for yourself what a similar improvement would mean to you!

"Andy is an incredible individual, if you have the opportunity to attend one of his workshops

or you are looking for a guest speaker then I would strongly recommend him!"

Zoe Thompson

Founder of Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coaching


Need to see it for yourself?

Please feel most welcome to click this logo                to view a short excerpt of 'Cavemen and Polar Bears'


'Playing the cards life deals yoU'







This “Team Exercise” is based around a game involving a standard pack of playing cards. This amusing but thought provoking exercise lasts 60 minutes. One CEO of a national company addressed his conference following this workshop with...

"I have to admit, when Andy started to explain that

we were going to play cards this afternoon, I thought

'What am I paying this guy for?'

but having done so, I have to say, that was GENIUS"

The practical aspect of this workshop ensures that EVERYONE engages with it.


Filled with power powerful messages, the workshop is  perfect for use as a stand-alone exercise, ideal for a organisational training day or conference.


This workshop compliments and consolidates the messages offered within the 'Cavemen and Polar Bears' presentation and is therefore easily used alongside it if required.


All equipment required is provided by me, but the exercise is ideally located in a room where delegates can be seated around tables in groups of 3 to 6 person per table (not all groups need to be the same number).

There is ALWAYS a prize for the overall winner of the workshop (supplied by me), but all will gain from the easy lessons learnt over such a short period of time.

'The MINDSET of Success'







Everyone has either heard of or been told to use 'positive thinking'. Most of us have our own opinion on the whole 'positivity' thing.


But what if someone could explain WHY a positive mental attitude works?


What if we could take a moment to learn the science behind the belief that the mindset and mental attitude are such a major contributor to our overall success?


This workshop looks at the research, beliefs and everyday examples of how a positive mindset can afford you the best chances of success, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

'PRESENTATIOn - for All it's worth'











As a speaker, I am often approached with 'I don't know how you do it - I couldn't even think about it!'

As a therapist, my services are regularly sought by people saying 'I've got to do a presentation and I'm scared witless!'

Presentations are an everyday necessity for many of us - in fact MOST of us! We 'present' ourselves to the outside world every time we set foot outside of our door.

Depending on what is required of us as individuals or roles, we can be called upon to hold conversations, attend meetings, input into conferences or address groups and audiences.

So, why do some struggle with speaking to anything from small groups or huge audiences?

Why do some 'speakers' hold our attention, whilst others have us wishing to leave as soon as possible?

This workshop will assist anyone in any role to overcome their fear of presentation.

Whether shy, retiring and reluctant or keen, enthusiastic and experienced, this training will offer guidance and tips to improve technique and confidence in speaking to groups of any size.




The Costs involved?

I fully appreciate that budget is a major factor when considering the use of outside training. 

With that in mind, my services are costed on an individual basis. I aim to provide my services in a manner that suits YOUR needs, within YOUR budget.


I can adjust my presentations and workshops by content, timing or number of participants in order to ensure you get value for whatever funds you wish to invest in your organisations well-being.


My only aim? To ensure that you are pleasantly surprised by the value of service

DISCOUNTS ON books for your attendees

Many of the companies using my presentations have purchased a copy of my book for their delegates, colleagues or attendees. In purchases of 10 copies or more I will happily offer a 20% discount on the RRP of £9.99, making each copy £8

Bespoke Presentations, Workshops and Keynotes

I am always to happy to discuss your individual requirements, to ensure that your event meets your desired goals. My delivery can be adjusted to suit time restraints or to address particular subjects or issues of concern.

What do you do now?

Let me know what you're looking for and I'll tell you what I can do for you to fit your timing and budget. All enquiries are welcome with no obligation.

Just drop Rachael an email at (using the contact form below) with a brief outline of your needs and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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