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The Psychology        of Luck

"The ancestor of every action is thought" said Ralph Waldo Emerson, and many of us believe that statement is true.

This workshop is NOT about the Law of Attraction (even though I am a committed believer in that concept).

Some go as far as believeing in that particular "Law", but to many that is a HUGE leap of faith and to some, it's just a little to beyond possible for them to utilise.

Some are not spiritual or religious and all that "Woo Woo Stuff" is just a little too much to cope with. So what can we do when asked to prove that 'thoughts become things"?

This workshop looks at the science of luck. We take a whistle stop look at the pathfinding individuals, their research, results and theories that prove that Emerson was right all along.

We look at

  • The evidence that proves we experience luck and good fortune in direct proportion to our beliefs

  • How changing our mindset has a dramtic effect on our experience of our world

  • How easy adjustments to our thoughts can help create our preferred reality

  • some of the quirky experiments that have been undertaken to test and prove theories to support the 'self made life experience" and 

  • The everyday proof that this works.

Why should you attend this CPD?

Many of our clients will take everything we tell them as read (which in itself is a concern) but some will understandably question an approach that just seems too good to be true. This workshop will give you the tools in your toolbox to explain exactly why their thoughts and your work are genuinely powerful.

But that's not all.


Many of us, particularly when starting out, lack confidence or self belief, doubting our ability to make a success of individual sessions, never mind a full time career as a therapist. If that's you, this day will give you tools and exercises that you can use on yourself as well as you clients. It's a perfect example of 'healer, heal thyself'. Applying some of the learning to your own thoughts and attitudes will do nothing but improve your approach to the "VooDoo that You Do".

When and Where is this taking place?


Saturday 1 June 2024  - Details to be confirmed

Some 'Early Bird' and 'Packages' are often available, so don't miss out on the potential savings!

Times shown are minimum periods required. My events will always start punctually as listed. The end times may vary as I will always afford my attendees the time they need. I don't leave until YOU are satisfied.

How much does the workshop cost?

The cost of this three hour workshop varies due to location and discounts available, so please check the listings above for details.

The cost includes the workshop itself, a certificate as proof of attendance and a PDF copy of the course slides.


To Be Confirmed
To Be Confirmed
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