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A Solution Focused Approach to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Many of us experience trauma in our lives. 

  • Road collisions,

  • Personal injury,

  • Physical, mental or sexual abuse

  • Natural or man-made disasters

  • Warfare or civil unrest

  • Terrorist incidents.....

  • the list could go on but definitely includes VIRAL PANDEMICS!

Sometimes, just being a witness to such incidents can be traumatic. We are all exposed to graphic, detailed and disturbing coverage via the press and social media, to such an extent that we would be forgiven for thinking that we were actually present at the event.


Most can deal with these things but if the incident or our involvement in it is of enough magnitude, our can suffer lasting, reocurring and life changing emotional and psychological trauma.


Sometimes, as in current times, it can be ABSENCE from an event that causes trauma. Not being able to assist a relative or loved one when they are dying can be incredibly traumatic and the effects can be long lasting.


PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very real condition that adversely affects the lives of sufferers, their family, friends and collegaues alike. It can result in life limiting/threatening conditions such as addiction, aggression, self harm and even suicide.


Thankfully, the condition responds well to hypnotherapy, with many individuals able to return to a full life experience as a result of treatment.

What is included in the workshop?

This workshop includes,

  • What is PTSD

  • The history of the condition

  • The diagnosis criteria for PTSD

  • Common approaches used in mainstream treatment

  • PTSD in Children and how to approach it

  • Why proper diagnosis and treatment is so important - for the THERAPIST

  • The solution focused approach to treating PTSD

  • and much more.

I attended Andy's PTSD Training last month and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's packed from sta
Copy of I attended Andy's PTSD Training last month and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's packed

When and Where is this taking place?

Saturday 13 January 2024   1000hrs - 1430hrs. Online. To book your place, please visit Eventbrite by clicking HERE

Saturday 13th April 2024 - Details to be confirmed

Times shown are minimum periods required. My events will always start punctually as listed. The end times may vary as I will always afford my attendees the time they need. I don't leave until YOU are satisfied.

How much does the workshop cost?

This four hour workshop costs £65 per person.

This includes the workshop itself, a certificate as proof of attendance and a PDF copy of the course slides.

What Do You Need to Do Now?

If you would like to join us, you can purchase your ticket Via Eventbrite by CLICKING HERE

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