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Body Language for the Busy Therapist


As human beings we speak a single language - 'Body Language'.


Just like any other toungue, our non-verbal communication (NVC) can have 'accents' of difference, but we also share many common signs, gestures and tells across the globe.

If you can 'read' the NVC of others, your ability to communicate is incredibly enhanced - that can only help when engaged in therapeutic interactions.

This workshop looks at

  • How the brain uses NVC

  • Common signs and symbols

  • Types of NVC

  • Common myths

  • Gestures and Postures

  • How to read and use NVC

  • The hidden messages in room layouts

  • and much more.

One day and the skills you learn may just change the way you look at things - for good.

When and Where is this taking place?


There are no events currently arranged. If you are interested in attending this CPD or in my bringing the CPD to your area, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Times shown are minimum periods required. My events will always start punctually as listed. The end times may vary as I will always afford my attendees the time they need. I don't leave until YOU are satisfied.

How much does the workshop cost?

This three hour workshop costs £75 per person.

This includes the workshop itself, a certificate as proof of attendance and a PDF copy of the course slides.

What Do You Need to Do Now?

If you would like to attend this CPD, let me know and I will make suitable arrangements for that to happen.

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