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THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A greater need for student welfare



"As the Student Welfare Manager at Mountview, I am always looking for ways to support our student body with their mental and emotional wellbeing.  We were so excited to welcome Andy to Mountview, where he ran sessions for our first and second year undergraduate performance students.  Andy’s method of infusing his talks with fun and humour worked so well, and he managed to teach everybody some new things about how the brain functions and what we can do to have a positive mind set, especially when dealing with stressful situations. 


I’d recommend Andy’s presentation to any institution that wants to support, encourage and educate their students on the importance of looking after one’s mental health – it really was invaluable!"

We are all of us all too aware of the recent press articles and media reports that highlight the rise in stress, anxiety and depression experienced by students today.


From primary, through secondary and into further education, the pressures felt by student of any age, appear to be increasing. Whether those pressure are applied by Teachers, Parents, Sibling or Peer Group Competition or self inflicted is not being debated here, but whatever the source, a number of facts remains.


1. The problem needs to be addressed and

2. The responsibility for dealing with mental health and the overall well-being of students is often placed squarely on the shoulder of the schools, academies, colleges and universities that they attend.

Student Welfare Officers are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of students seeking their help issues relating to stress, anxiety or depression.

Unfortunately, if things do take a tragic turn, the responsibility becomes blame and the question on everyone's lips is "What did they do to prevent it?"

So how can I Help?

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. 

That's where I come in - literally!

I come into schools, academies, colleges and universities to assist the staff and, more importantly, the students in dealing with the treatment or prevention of mental health problems.

By delivering a specifically adapted version of 'Cavemen and Polar Bears', I help students to understand

  • Potential causes of stress, anxiety and depression,

  • How our mind works and just how much control we have over it,

  • Everyday measures that they can easily use to keep those conditions at bay,

  • How gaining better control of your mood and mindset will dramatically improve your ability to learn, retain and recall the information we need to use in our studies and subsequent success,

  • Why it is so vital that your "self talk" is positive and constructive.


what are the potential benefits?


  • Facts and information, that are possibly life changing, for those who are already suffering mental health issues

  • Preventive strategies for everyone

  • Reinforcement for staff or others providing student support services

  • Potentially improved results due to improved concentration, retention and recall

  • Lowered demand on support services due to students being more resilient and self reliant

  • Fulfillment of responsibility and obligation to offer care, support and encouragement in relation to student welfare.

  • Peace of mind that you have done what you can, and more than most, to afford every student a study experience that is safe, supportive, encouraging, empowering and enjoyable.

HOW DO I DEliver my services?

I provide my presentation in a manner that suits YOUR needs.

My delivery is supported by PowerPoint slides to illustrate the points made.

I am willing and able to attend and work at any time, any place and anywhere. 

If you need me at a morning registration or "assembly" type meeting - we can do that.

If you want to arrange a specific lesson or lecture within you working day - we can do that.


If arranging a lunchtime or "after school" session better suits your needs - guess what? We can do that.


Attendee numbers are not an issue. Whether you want me to speak to a large auditorium full of people, a particular year group or faculty, a classroom of students or a select few - that's fine.


If you want to open the event to staff, governors, parents or business partners - that's fine too. YOU know your needs better than anyone else.

If your chosen venue doesn't have the equipment necessary to deliver a PowerPoint presentation, that's not a problem.  I have everything we need to deliver the full presentation - all we need is one electricity connection and we're off!

How much does it cost?

In recognition of the vital need for this training, along with restricted budgets, I am pleased to offer my services to schools, academies, colleges and universities at 20% less than my standard corporate rate.

Just let me know your requirements regarding timing, location, venue and budget and I will ensure that I meet your needs affordably.


What do i do now?



If you feel your students could benefit from less stress, anxiety or depression,

If you want to help them become more resilient,

If you would like to afford them the BEST opportunity for good results,

Just contact Rachael at 

“I loved the well-being workshop! Thank you so much for coming,

the talk was really helpful and much needed!”

Anna ( Student)

“I just wanted to thank you for the inspiring and informative talk that you presented today.
A great mix of science, personal experience and humour to expose the reality of our human reactions to the many situations that we all face

 I hope we get the chance to hear from you again.”

Richard (Student)

“I really enjoyed your talk. Some of the things you covered

felt very pertinent to me and I just wanted to get in touch”

Bethany (Student)

I really enjoyed your session with the Future Quest life skills event at the University, it was very beneficial.

Many thanks


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