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How is that Resolution Going?

Updated: Jan 3

Well, we’re far enough into 2020 and the new decade, that the smoke has cleared from the fireworks and hopefully our heads have cleared from the celebrations.

For many of us, the New Year brings new beginnings; for others it just means the clock has moved on another minute and the biggest affect felt is that the calendar has to be changed and the first page turned.

Whatever your own approach to the New Year period itself, you may be one of many who have decided that 2020 will be the year that you achieve something that you have set your mind on for some time. You may call it a “resolution,” you may not, but either way, you want to achieve that goal. It doesn’t matter what it might be – stop smoking, lose weight, start exercising, take up dancing lessons – the list is endless. So how can you be sure that you achieve your goal?

When we look at the word “resolution” we often miss that it is in actual fact a slightly different version of re-SOLUTION. A solution is an answer to a problem and in making a resolution we have probably identified that we had identified the SOLUTION already.

The problem is that when we focus on the problem we are trying to resolve, we get demoralised and our determination suffers.

If we focus on the SOLUTION and visualise it, we see ourselves as having already achieved our goal and our brains believe that we have already done so. That belief makes it so much easier to reach our desired circumstances. Anyone will tell you that once you have achieved a desired situation, it is much easier to maintain it.

For example, giving up smoking seems difficult but having given up, the cravings and habits go and it is then easy to remain a non-smoker (in fact many ex-smoker cannot bear the thought of smoking at all). Similarly, getting fit can seem difficult, but having achieved a reasonable level of fitness, maintaining it is so much easier.

If you visualise your success as already achieved, your brain is easily convinced that all it is doing is maintaining your success. Suddenly not only are your achievements becoming easier but your rate of progress can be pleasantly surprising.

There is another way to look at this. How often have you taken a journey to an unfamiliar destination, either by foot or transport, and felt that you would never get there. Have you noticed how much quicker the return journey seems? Why is that?

The answer is simple. Your return journey is familiar territory. You know you have travelled through there before and recognise what might come next, even though it all appears in reverse order.

Problems can be the same. If you focus on the problem first and work towards the solution, the journey can seem too long to face; so much so that you may never find the heart to even start it. If you focus on the destination and work back to how you HAVE achieved it, the steps you consider don’t seem nearly as difficult to take.

Any thought given to any issue, positive or negative, gives that issue energy. Do you want to make your version of 2020 one of BIG problems or one of BIG achievements. The focus you apply to thoughts will influence which way your year will go and ONLY YOU can influence your direction of thought.

You know the SOLUTION, you always have - it’s your goal itself, so focus on that and your re-solution will be easy to achieve and maintain.

Here’s to a fantastic year as a result!


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