"Andy is one of the very few speakers that I could literally listen to all day. He's wise, but he's funny. What happens then is you tend to pay attention, listen and absorb what he says. I've come on after a number of really well known international speakers but he is one of the most difficult to come on after, because my feeling when you listen to Andy is 'How do you follow that?'"

Dr David Hamilton PhD

Hay House Author and International Speaker

What our Customers say About the presentationS

'cavemen and polar bears'

"You were truly outstanding today! You had myself and the whole audience engaged from the very beginning and all the way through to the very end! That is a very hard thing to do. So well done you!!

You were engaging, gripping, funny, genuine and you spoke from the heart and no Jargon! I could have listened to you for hours and hours. You are a true gentleman and an absolute pleasure to have here in ***** and the feedback from today’s session is just overwhelming. I have been stopped several times today by people saying that you were fantastic and echoing my comments above.

We can’t wait to have you back again and I look forward to organising our next event."

"The talk you gave was exceptionally interesting and informative"

"I thought it was fantastic and a great insight into the brain"

"I thought that what he (Andy) said made a LOT of sense! He's a really good, clear speaker and he made his talk interesting. I found myself coming away from it having taken a LOT of what he said on board!"

"Thank you for letting me sit in on Cavemen and Polar Bears yesterday, it was brilliant!"

"We all really enjoyed your talk yesterday, which gave us something to think about. It was certainly different to the usual training and very beneficial. I can hear my staff still talking about it this morning and it's all positive."

"Thank you very much for your excellent input to our training day yesterday. It was very interesting and really made you think. I certainly think some of your points will stay with a lot of us."

"Just to say thank you for the very enjoyable presentation yesterday on our training day of 'Cavemen and Polar Bears'. The team all gave you 10/10 for presentation. It was thought provoking"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session with Andy and would love to see more events like this happening. I enjoyed the fact that he was able to make it light hearted and fun, it was just a shame that it was limited to an hour (host requirement). I think the content was valuable and helped me to better understand how the minds works. The examples he used throughout could easily be related to, which made it easy to understand."

"Great engaging presentation hooked in, comical but informative and insightful."

"I would listen to him all day long.  He was a fantastic speaker and held my attention for the whole session; mental health is a tricky subject but he delivered it perfectly."

"I thought this session was very good. The issues were dealt with in a light hearted, but not insensitive way.I felt that I learnt something from this session and I would recommend it to others."

"I really enjoyed Andy’s session – it was funny and enlightening: a very valuable part of mental health week and a useful contribution to our company's wellbeing."

"Excellent session – I took a lot away from it that I have thought about since – more than I expected to.  I think that it is a really good indicator of the quality of a presentation.   Particularly liked the medical science evidence backing it all up. I would sit through that presentation again just to see if there was anything that I missed."

"I thought it was an interesting session – right pitch, informative but light hearted in places."

"Really good session. Thought provoking in providing an explanation and understanding of how your brain works and controls your emotions etc – gives you knowledge to understand why you feel like to do etc."

"Andy was fantastic and the session really helped me personally. It really made me realise I may be suffering and also gave me some tips."

"I thought it was a great session.  Andy was a lovely guy and really amusing. He expressed his ideas well, so you could totally get where he was coming from. Would recommend the session."

"I thought it was excellent and very entertaining – not easy for what is normally a delicate and dry subject. Very insightful and should stimulate people to more openly discuss mental health with each other, just as they might any other medical condition. Thank you and well done."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this session.  Understanding the science behind how the mind works really helped me to appreciate that we can not only control our mood but that our behaviours can influence the mindset of others too.  Andy delivered the presentation in an engaging and humorous way while remaining sensitive to the topic throughout.  It was an extremely worthwhile use of my time and given the opportunity I would listen to his talk again as I found it so uplifting!"

'Conflict de-escalation'

"Thanks for the session yesterday - I really enjoyed it and found it useful and everyone I spoke to said the same. Jayne, Wendy and I came back to school and talked about it all afternoon! I will definitely be in touch to organise another session for people who couldn't attend yesterday. People were thanking me because front office staff don't get many training opportunities, especially such high quality ones!"

After dinner speaking

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you and well done on your delivery at our awards dinner. Perfectly pitched and really resonated with people from a local person using local airport point of view. Candles in the dark was a really powerful image. Lots of positive feedback at the tables afterwards"

About the Book - Cavemen and Polar bears

"This is a brilliant book. Full of useful information and very easy reading. I have enjoyed every page."

"Excellent Book - it brings the world of Nuero science to the layman. I am a raving fan."

"Having some training in the field I would recommend this book. Written in an approachable and often humorous style with plenty of digestible information and practical insights."

"This is a brilliant book by a brilliant author, it's like he's in the room chatting with you. What he says makes a lot of sense. And I love the illustrations 😀 I would recommend this book."

"Fantastic book for anyone looking for a practical and interesting way to learn how to lift your mood. Great mix of theory and practical and a truly inspiring read for everyone."

"This is a fantastic read for anyone wanting to get the best out of themselves and the most out of their life. Understanding how the brain works is crucial to knowing how to take control of your life, and the information given in this book is easy to follow, and is written in a way that makes it an enjoyable read. Don't hesitate to buy it, invest in a better future!"

"This is a brilliant book, written in such a way to make a very complicated subject easier to understand and done with both sensitivity and humour. I believe it should be prescribed reading for anyone either considering entering the field of clinical hypnotherapy or those already practising."

"Everyone should have this book. Then they'd have a little bit of Andy in their brain to guide them along a much less stressed and happier daily path :). Complex brain functions are made easy to understand and alongside andy's superb sense of humour it's a delight to read. Having seen Andy deliver his popular "Cavemen and Polar Bears" talk, I'm thrilled that this much anticipated book has finally arrived! Thank you!"

"I was very surprised by this book. It's a refreshing change for a self help book, There are stories and anecdotes to prove the author's point, ideas and suggestions for positive change, and insights into the way the mind works that help you to understand why you feel what you feel, and do what you do. I found the trauma section very useful, and could really see where a personal experience had changed my reaction to something. I will find it easy to let go of that now. I love the layout of the book, it's clean, crisp and well presented. I had 'the cold' in the middle of reading it, but it was easy to pick up where I left off. It's a good solid book for the price, plenty of pages. On the back it promises to address five different things, and the book does what it says on the cover. So, if you want to understand your personal security guard, clean out your personal filing cabinet, and know why you should carry a piece of this book. Highly recommended."


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