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For instance, if you are looking to use my works at an event, it would be really helpful to know the following details (if relevant)

  • What type of event is it?

  • Are you a company, organisation, association or club?

  • Where will the event be held? (postcodes are really useful)

  • How many people would you expect to attend?

  • How long would you want me to speak - minutes, hours, whole days?

  • What is the theme or aim of the event?

  • Would my presentation be part of the main body of the event or a 'break away' workshop?

  • Do you have any specific requests for subjects you would like me to cover?

  • What brought you to me in particular?

  • etc etc

If you don't know all of these things, don't worry, I will work with whatever you give me, but it's true to say that the more detail you give me the more I will be able to help you.

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