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As a fully qualified Therapy Supervisor, an experienced practitioner and successful speaker I am pleased to be able to offer the following continued professional development events

Body Language for the Busy Therapist

BODY LANGUAGE FOR THE BUSY THERAPIST is a full day of 10am - 4pm and looks at...


* What is Non Verbal Communication (NVC) or Body Language?

* How we use it at a subconscious level

* The signs and 'tells' that we see but probably miss every day

* Common signs and emblems that family friends and clients use that can deepen our understanding of their message.

* How to establish the difference between an habitual tick and a revealing 'tell'

* How to influence conversation with NVC

* How to spot 'power play' tactics in our interactions and how to counter them to regain control and

* The NVC of our working environment - how room layout can influence the relationships conducted with our space.


In delivering this fun and informative workshop I utilise over 30 years of police service and NVC experience, ten years of clinical practice and a lifelong interest in the sport of 'people watching'.


A better knowledge of NVC can enhance your therapeutic delivery. Imagine how interesting it will be to spot when a client's personal boundaries have been reached, when their barriers to assistance have been raised and when they are just not telling you the truth - all from how they move, sit or react.

A solution focused approach to PTSD

A workshop for therapists looking to improve their knowledge of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in order to offer effective support to sufferers and their families. 


Many of us experience trauma in our lives.

  • Road collisions,

  • Personal injury,

  • Physical, mental or sexual abuse

  • Natural or man-made disasters

  • Warfare or civil unrest

  • Terrorist incidents.....

  • the list could go on but definitely includes VIRAL PANDEMICS!

Sometimes, just being a witness to such incidents can be traumatic. We are all exposed to graphic, detailed and disturbing coverage via the press and social media, to such an extent that we would be forgiven for thinking that we were actually present at the event.

Most can deal with these things but if the incident or our involvement in it is of enough magnitude, our can suffer lasting, reocurring and life changing emotional and psychological trauma.

Sometimes, as in current times, it can be ABSENCE from an event that causes trauma. Not being able to assist a relative or loved one when they are dying can be incredibly traumatic and the effects can be long lasting.

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very real condition that adversely affects the lives of sufferers, their family, friends and collegaues alike. It can result in life limiting/threatening conditions such as addiction, aggression, self harm and even suicide.

Thankfully, the condition responds well to hypnotherapy, with many individuals able to return to a full life experience as a result of treatment.

What is included in the workshop?

This workshop includes,

  • What is PTSD

  • The history of the condition

  • The diagnosis criteria for PTSD

  • Common approaches used in mainstream treatment

  • PTSD in Children and how to approach it

  • Why proper diagnosis and treatment is so important - for the THERAPIST

  • The solution focused approach to treating PTSD

  • and much more.

What previous attendees said about this course

These are just a few of the highly effective therapists who have taken time and trouble to improve their understanding and skills in supporting people with PTSD, all of whom I can recommend for their services.


“Andy shares a wealth of information regarding PTSD in an engaging and enjoyable way.  He calls upon personal experiences to explain concepts and is clear in the ways in which a Solution Focused Approach can really help with PTSD.  I came away from the 1 day course in March 2020 feeling confident and raring to share this new understanding with clients; I am a veteran and am sure I will be using these skills to help past and present members of the Armed Forces.”

Lauren Metcalfe




"I recently attended Andy's excellent online CPD on A Solution Focused Approach to PTSD. Andy is a great presenter and I found the session to be so interesting and informative.

I’m based in Northern Ireland and sadly PTSD is something we are very familiar with so this CPD will certainly be useful in my Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practice. I have read Andy’s excellent Cavemen and Polar Bears book and look forward to that course becoming available via Zoom (hint!)"


Eileen Sweeney

BSc, Dip Hyp, DSFH, HPD, MNCH (Reg), MFHT

Willow Therapies



Caroline Dawe

Caroline Dawe Therapy



"I attended Andy's PTSD Training last month (May 2020) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's packed from start to finish with information from the origins of PTSD to solutions to overcome it.

Andy is approachable and down to earth and you can tell he is passionate about this subject in the way that he delivers this training. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this course".




If you have a number of colleagues interested in my workshops, we can reduce your combined travel and accommodation costs (and the carbon footprint) by having me bring the event to your local area. All we need is a venue and an audience.

Interested? Then contact me and we'll get the ball rolling.


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