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CPD Events for Therapists

As a fully qualified Therapy Supervisor, an experienced practitioner and successful speaker I am pleased to be able to offer the following continued professional development events

Body Language for the Busy Therapist

BODY LANGUAGE FOR THE BUSY THERAPIST is a full day of 10am - 4pm and looks at...


* What is Non Verbal Communication (NVC) or Body Language?

* How we use it at a subconscious level

* The signs and 'tells' that we see but probably miss every day

* Common signs and emblems that family friends and clients use that can deepen our understanding of their message.

* How to establish the difference between an habitual tick and a revealing 'tell'

* How to influence conversation with NVC

* How to spot 'power play' tactics in our interactions and how to counter them to regain control and

* The NVC of our working environment - how room layout can influence the relationships conducted with our space.


In delivering this fun and informative workshop I utilise over 30 years of police service and NVC experience, ten years of clinical practice and a lifelong interest in the sport of 'people watching'.


A better knowledge of NVC can enhance your therapeutic delivery. Imagine how interesting it will be to spot when a client's personal boundaries have been reached, when their barriers to assistance have been raised and when they are just not telling you the truth - all from how they move, sit or react.



If you have a number of colleagues interested in my workshops, we can reduce your combined travel and accommodation costs (and the carbon footprint) by having me bring the event to your local area. All we need is a venue and an audience.

Interested? Then contact me and we'll get the ball rolling.